Shuttle Bliss

We Did a Thing?!

No more feeing trapped… ????

This will be our tiny house on wheels. It has a wheelchair lift and will allow us to carry all of Emmett’s medical needs and have a built-in bed for him so the Os can travel as a family. Family trips are something we haven’t attempted for about 7± years. Even when we did go on trips, it was a pain-in-the-ass and we quickly learned we didn’t want to attempt them anymore.

Shuttle Bliss Squad Goals

I think someone shared a “Skoolie”(school bus turned into tiny-home) conversion and I think Eric Boltz (who rides in a wheelchair) said that bus would be cool with a wheelchair lift. I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities of making a Skoolie for my fam.

Everyone in the family is extremely excited and Dara and I are a bit nervous wondering WTH did we just do?! Those WTH moments wax and wane as they are strongly countered by the thoughts of family adventures. Our first trip will be taking the entire family to Dara’s parents in Hudson… I’m definitely tearing up a bit thinking about this and all the other family adventures that will open up because we won’t be anchored to all of Emmett’s medical and physical requirements in our house.

Driving back with Kenzie from Michigan was surprisingly relaxing. The bus feels really safe on the interstate and going a little slower plus the big windows allowed me to absorb more of the scenery

d’dang — she’s big!

When I parked her (not named yet) in our driveway next to our van I smiled and laughed a bit at how incredibly BIG the bus is compared to our Toyota van.

I just feel like the entire world (at least N. America) opened up to us!!! So rad!

Dara put the bus on Emmett’s ‘talker’ and she asked if him if he wanted to see it and he said, “yes, yes, yes, yes!” ?

Warning to all of our out-of-state-friends, we’ll be dropping by to visit you here soon!!!