Electric System

Phew… Where do I begin? The countless hours trying to figure this out and do it right. Mainly because so many of Emmett’s medical devices require electricity. The main thing is his oxygenator, this supplies oxygen to him through a cannula or CPAP. After his recent trip to the ER and ICU for a cold, we spend 6-7 weeks needing 24/7 Oxygen support. So, you can see the importance of a solid system.

Tl;dr: if you don’t read anything here, start with this site:

Mobile-SolarPower.com – Will Prowse has evaluated pretty much every battery, inverter, solar power, etc… I’ve watched many hours of YouTube videos on his channel.

Power Sources: Shore Power, Generator, and Solar.

Batteries: I read and read and read about this topic. I finally ended up with Battle Born Lithium-Ion batteries.

24v vs 12v: I was originally building a 12v system and then finally learned about the benefits of 24v and went 24v.

Will Prowse took the guesswork out! I’m so thankful to him!

My Build List:

INVERTER – Giandel 4000 Watt Heavy Duty Pure Sine Wave 24 volt inverter. I learned you want a pure sine wave inverter to protect your equipment. I also spec’d the system as 24v after reading and watching a ton of videos.
Amazon Link

Appliance Consumption Table: http://www.wholesalesolar.com/solar-information/power-table

Amperage Calculation Spreadsheet: